We take great pride in differentiating ourselves from our competitors. Nothing proves to us that we are on the right track like authentic testimonials from the individuals we work with.

What people are saying

“I want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done for our company in leading the search for our Director of Distributor Management late last year. We are very pleased with Greg, and believe that he has the ability to not only make an impact in his current role, but shows the potential to serve as a succession candidate for our Commercial VP positions in future years.

I had my concerns regarding the filling of this role at the beginning of the search, due to the specific criteria and the high degree of expectations placed by our Sales VP. Given the criticality of the position and the anticipated difficulty in finding the right candidate, we decided to move quickly to a search firm to assist us. You came highly recommended by a sister company, and you did not disappoint. You displayed great tenacity in identifying candidates and filtering only those who met the requirements. You went the extra mile to ensure that you understood the Sales VPís requirements and only provided candidates for his consideration who met those requirements. In the end, you identified great candidates, and ultimately the perfect candidate, in a relatively short period of time.

John, in summary, you did a great job for us in managing through a difficult search. On behalf of the business, I thank you for your assistance and your professionalism during the entire process, and would not hesitate to use your services again when presented with the opportunity.”

Jeff S.
VP of Human Resources

“I wanted to thank you for your help in filling the numerous new sales positions we have created and to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you and Management Recruiters of Evergreen.

As we discussed prior to our search, our company has traditionally relied upon the Internet, local newspapers, and referrals from others in the Chemical Industry to fill the majority of our open sales positions. Furthermore, the owner-management of our company were strongly against the use of recruiters in hiring. However, I am happy to report that the owners have since changed their minds based on the success of the candidates that you have found for our organization. Every candidate that we interviewed was well prepared, knowledgeable about our business and very anxious to begin a new career.

We are very happy in the decision we made and I feel your assistance in finding the right candidates is crucial to our continued success as we expand into new markets. Entering into new geographical markets is critical to our growth and is one of the most challenging aspects of our strategy. However, I believe that your efforts in finding outstanding employees for our company reduces the risks inherent in our new markets and accelerates our achievement.

John, once again I would like thank you and I look forward to working with you and Management Recruiters in the future.”

John P.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help in filling our new position in the Northwest and to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Management Recruiters of Evergreen.

As we discussed prior to our search, our company has pretty much relied on the internet, local newspapers, or referrals from others in the Chemical industry to fill most of our open positions. Iím happy to say that we are changing our approach after our experience with your firm. Every candidate interviewed was well prepared, knowledgeable about our business and very anxious to begin a new career.

We are very happy in the decision we made and I feel your assistance in finding the right candidate is crucial to our success in our new location. Breaking into a new area is the most difficult thing to do in the chemical business, however, we will have a much easier time because of your effort in finding an outstanding employee for us."

Mike J.
National Sales Manager

“I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for the assistance in filling a position for my company in Southern California. As you know this was a very challenging role to fill and your assistance was invaluable. Being new to my management role you eased the process of getting someone new onboard. During the course of action you kept me informed and in the loop.

In filling this position you listened to what I wanted and offered several candidates that were very capable. The initial process went very quickly and I had qualified resumes and candidates within a few days. In the end it became a difficult decision, as two were very strong. I thank you for allowing me the chance to have that difficult decision. It can be a challenge to find one well qualified candidate, much less two!”

Tom K.
District Sales Manager

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help on filling the recent opening we had for an Application Engineer for our Western Region. As you know, we started the candidate you presented to us on February 17, 2003 and he is working out better than I ever expected. I fully expect him to be one of the leaders on our sales team. He has shown tremendous initiative and drive and is making a significant impact already. As you know, we started the search to fill this position on our own and could not find a qualified candidate for over two months. Once I gave you and the MRI of Evergreen team the position to fill, you presented several very qualified candidates within one week. The biggest problem from there was that I had to wrestle with selecting the best one out of the great pool you presented.

John, I think we have been working together for almost three years now and I know your history with our company goes back even longer than that. You have helped us hire some of the best people we have currently in the field. Currently, three of most recent people you helped us find are leading our sales team in growth and our all-important Gross Profit growth measurement. One of these people has qualified for our Presidents Club this year after only 2 years with us and two if not three of the Application Engineers you brought us will hit that mark this year. These people will join a very elite group we have here.

Again, I canít thank you enough for your help on our recent search and new hire as well as the people you have brought to us in the past. They have certainly made a significant impact to our bottom line. I am nothing less than impressed with your level of service, commitment and the guidance you offer during the hiring process. I have worked with other recruiting agencies in the past and I have not found one that matches up to MRI of Evergreen. If you ever have a potential client that would like to talk with me I would be happy to provide a reference. I look forward to working with you and your team on our next search.”

Roger L.
National Sales Manager

“It is my distinct pleasure to offer this reference on behalf of Management Recruiters of Evergreen.

I have had the opportunity to work with MRI on two separate occasions since my arrival at my new place of employment. I have been in the market for 3 sales and sales management positions over the last 3 months. MRI Evergreen has consistently provided for me candidates who are uniquely qualified for the positions. I believe MRI is successful in this area based upon the upfront work that they do. They ask all the necessary questions of me regarding the specific needs and profiles that I am searching for prior to sending me candidates. This is done based upon working knowledge of my needs for the position, their market knowledge of the Chemicals Industry and the qualifications the candidate must possess prior to any formal interviews.

Most recently MRI Evergreen found a candidate for me for a Regional Sales Manager position. This position was an exceptionally important hire for our company and me. The candidate was prepared with a working knowledge of my company and the expectations for the interview as well as the position. MRI checked out all the references for me as well, providing a higher level of confidence that we had a strong candidate. In the end, the candidate has accepted the position and we believe we have found a tremendous new employee to join our firm. I truly believe we would not have discovered this “ideal” candidate without the fine work of MRI.

Lastly, I have developed a good working relationship with John Kirschner, General Manager of MRI Evergreen. John takes my needs seriously and provides a level of communication and commitment that I have not seen from other recruiters. His sincere approach to helping my business has made the most immediate difference in my decision to work with MRI Evergreen now and into the future.”

Jay B.
Director of Sales

“Throughout my career in the chemical and plastics industries, I have spoken with Mr. Kirschner countless times, most often to discuss a potential candidate or a general discussion on employment Trends.

It was not until I joined my company in 2003 that I had the opportunity to really work with John on the hiring of candidates. In the past four years, John has worked very hard at providing high quality candidates and the requisite support needed when interviewing and hiring a new employee. We have hired three employees through John and I am pleased to say that each one has worked out well for our company.

John demonstrates the professionalism, honesty and integrity one needs in a recruiter. His eye is not on the transaction as much as it is on the satisfaction of both employee and employer. For that, John has earned a spot as our primary partner in recruitment of talent.”

Carl M.
Import Manager

“I want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done for me over the years in searching for the “Right” people to grow our company aggressively and profitably. These services of identifying, screening and negotiating on my behalf are very professional but most of all a service that I clearly could not have achieved from any other channel, agency, or media.

John, the service outlined above of what you provide is what we can measure and of course pay Evergreen for. But to a larger extent what I truly appreciate is the relationship you and I have developed over the years. As you know my tenure here has been 15 years. We went from private ownership to a member of two very large publicly traded companies. During these times you and I have discussed needs, characteristics, demands and results. Over time you have grown to know what I need and what Iím looking for in people. This is an understanding that isnít easy to develop unless youíre committed to the business. John, you are committed and dedicated. Thatís why we work with you.

John, in summary, youíve made us better. People need to hear that once in a while. The business environment we are in is very competitive but you have given me the competitive edge by finding me “ The Right “ people. Thank you again.

Jim M.

“The following is a testimonial of my relationship and my companyís relationship with Mr. John Kirschner of Management Recruiters, Inc. of Evergreen, Colorado.

Since our company has been working with John over the past several years; he has brought a new meaning to the term “Head Hunter”. Previous recruiters that Monson used were aggressive and personable; however, when it came down to qualifying and bringing the right people to the table for the job, they failed. This failure resulted in changing employment recruiters and through Johnís persistence and his record of success with our company, we now work exclusively with him. John offers a professional level of succinct communication and accurate understanding to his clientsí needs. He is truly “Top Shelf”.

Our business and sales managers have trust and confidence in Johnís experience and connections in the Chemical Industry and we rely on his expertise to bring capable and professional hires in to our organization. Currently we are involved in filling our fourth new hire with John and MRI.

This is my full endorsement of John Kirchner. When in need of utilizing the best of the best in recruitment, John will exceed his clientís expectations.”

Steve B.